Excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service makes my company in the domestic and overseas markets have a good reputation
Add.: No.257 Kangle Street,Huinong District, Shizuishan City, Ningxia,China
P.C.: 753200
Tel: +86-952-3977723/55/67
Fax: +86-952-3977722
E-mail: [email protected]
体彩大乐透走势图后区 was founded in the year of 2003, which has advanced and developed by local and natural resources of regional advantages. Our company locates at Shizuishan City which is known and famous for the name of "Coal City". The industrial chain based on dicyanamide has been established and the growth of the business has been continuously updating as well as diversifying.
The management and production are performed according to the award of ISO9001 and ISO14000 of management system and standard practice. Our band is recognized and accepted by the reliable quality by dependable manufacturing system and satisfaction after sales by both domestic and overseas markets. Products are sold to EU, US and Southeast Asia, etc and the applications include chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, electronics, painting and coating and pesticide as well as other industries.

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